The Post War Years - Football History - 1950s

The 1950's was a golden time for football.  The war long behind them, people were more settled and support at all levels of the game was unprecedented.  Big city clubs dominated the FA Cup, Newcastle FC regarding Wembley as their second home.  Both Manchester clubs and Arsenal FC were also regulars at the finals.

Smaller, provincial towns also had their good times and sometimes bettered their rivals.  As previously mentioned, Blackpool FC and Bolton FC met at the famous 1953 final of the FA Cup, each appearing twice in the Final during the 50's.

Heavyweight kit was replaced by more stylish, lightweight kit, like that worn in Europe.  The football season was extended and the FA Cup Final moved to the first Saturday in May.

6th February, 1958 - The Munich Air Disaster.  23 out of 44 people died, in the third attempt at take-off by British European Airways flight 609.  The 'Busby Babes', the Manchester United FC team, were on board, along with several supporters and journalists.  Named the 'Busby Babes' because of the Manager's name, Matt Busby and their very young average age.  Of the 17 'Busby Babes', 8 died either at the crash or as a result of their wounds. Of the nine survivors, two never played football again, due to their injuries.  Matt Busby survived, the only member of staff to do so.



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