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Football Tactics

The 2000's brought better football, played on better pitches by players who are trained full time by top coaches.  Tactics have always been planned and played for, but never more so than today.

'Playing off the ball' is not a new tactic, but the choreography is.  Think of an 'inverted pyramid' shape, with a 'wave' of players, wider at the front than at the back.  The front players running through, creating space for one of the players at the rear to run through with the ball.   Modern football tactics have discovered that four lines of players in the 'pyramid' are better than three.

Football 'Pace'

'Pace', which has always been important, but now that players wear modern lightweight clothes and boots, can be progressed almost to a science.  Allowing the opposite team to run through to your goal; defenders stacked to seize control, the ball can then be passed through to forwards who had meanwhile gained position.  An unforeseen counter-attack of the simplest proportions, yet marvellous to behold.

Take Theo Walcott (Arsenal FC and England) who is not only an adept dribbler of a ball, but can also run 100m in eleven seconds, which is why he is played as a striker.  Incidentally, he is also the youngest ever England senior footballer (aged 17).  By comparison, Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland FC and Sweden), played just one season for Arsenal FC.  A nimble player who can intelligently pick out a pass, is comparably sluggish on a run.  Simply, he did not suit the way Arsenal FC play their tactics.  Despite, arguably, being a better footballer.



Theo Walcott

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