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Footballer of The Year

Footballer of the Year Award, started in the 1947/48 season (won for the first time by Sir Stanley Matthews), the current (2011/12 season) winner is another Arsenal FC player, Robin van Persie.  There are eight players who have won the Footballer of The Year Award and only one who has won it three times - Thierry Henry.  Henry played for Arsenal FC from 1999 - 2007, scoring 174 goals and during the last two years, as Captain.  In 2006, he lead them to the UEFA Champions League Final.  Arsenal FC then sold him to FC Barcelona for £24m.  He successfully played for them until 2010, when he transferred to the New York Red Bulls.  In 2012 he was loaned back to Arsenal FC for two months, before retiring from International football.

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There has been no mention of Royalty in our History of Football since 1660 and the execution of Charles 1st, so we thought it would be good to go out on a high, when the writer heard a tale about Reading FC, being in a Royal County, did not have to wear an 'away strip'.  Along with everything else written in this article, the theory was researched.  We found an article by The Guardian newspaper c. Wednesday 25th April 2001 by Sean Ingle and Scott Murray:

'Last week, we chopped down the tall tale that Notts County don't have to wear an away kit because they were the first team in the football league, before stuffing it into a large bag marked "completely untrue". But that hasn't stopped some of you from claiming that this special dispensation refers to other league clubs.

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